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App Idea: Apple Part Number Lookup

This is more a note for me for in the future.

Why isn’t there a part number lookup app for apple hardware? I’m sitting here looking at an apple GPU I have and, yeah, I can just google a part number, whatever, but why isn’t there an offline database for cards and mobo’s and shit?

Like why isn’t there any easy to find info on older part numbers. I don’t need to know a 2012 macbook is an 820-3133A or anything like that, but like why isn’t there a ref of like powerbook boards or whatever? There should be an app similar to Mac Tracker but for boards and parts.
this has alot of the oem part numbers
this could be made offline
i use it alot for looking up oem parts for spec to buy better or find deals

Where? I double checked before I posted.