APP Design help

I need to make an app for a school assignment cunnys, so is there any possible way to get XCODE on windows / MAC OS, i heard about Virtual Machines, but i dont know how to get them, Help?

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There is no way to run Xcode and/or compile Swift code on Windows. You may use tools like Appcelerator thoug (it's pretty shit though)

Nah i need to develop an app for iphone, but XCode is free as long as ur on mac os.

its paid for.

You can run it on hackintosh or in a VM. Last time I looked VMWare was blocking Mac OS installation media, so you have to hack the VMWare to get it to accept it. This may be illegal in your region to do though, so make sure you read the rules about this.

Alternatively you can subscribe to something like MacInCloud where you get a VM in the cloud, which you can remote desktop to. I've tried it, works really well and has loads of tools preinstalled ready to use.

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