Aplle plans to fix map issues


I personally like the Idea, I mean, mac always has the right idea, we should all sell our pc's and get macs!!!!

aahhh the onion. Never fails to give me a laugh.

i know, right?

Apple is never wrong! STUPID PLANET EARTH you took 4.54 billion years  and you still got it wrong. 


Just kill me.

Can you Imagine the reaction of Steve Jobs over all the latest apple drama?? 

Wrong section?

Maybe Apple should fix your spelling. Oh wait...


I was tired.....

Hopefully Apple does fix their maps.

Aplle on the hand? Hopefully whatever that is fixes its maps as well. And will still be related to books some how.

lolololoololol.... old spelling fail is old....

as far as the book thing, what the fuck are you babbling on about?

It's under the book section of the forum.

oh.... that... wahtever... I never pay atte4ntion to that anyways

There already is a London in Canada.