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AP refuses to talk to switch

Hello all,

I recently picked up a UNIFI Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range and there
PoE Injector, 48VDC, 24W.

The problem I’ve run into is it refused to establish any kind of network connectivity to the Netgear jgs524 switch. I’ve replace the switch with a Netgear jgs516v2 and the same issue persists.

If i connect the AP to a Netgear gs108 and then to the Netgear jgs516v2 the AP connects and works just fine.

I’ve tried contacting unifi and they seem to think its either the cable run or a bad poe injector.

The cable is a cat 6 cable and it was just ran specifically for the ap.

Is there something I’m missing / overlooked. All of the switches are unmanaged and as far as I know if it works on one of them it should work on all of them.

Auto negotiating fail?
Cable length does it work with a shorter cable etc

I thought that at first as the Netgear jgs524 switch has been in service for well over a decade maybe even 2 decades at this point and was replaced by the Netgear jgs516v2, but still had the same issue.

For some unknown reason to me the ap works just fine with the Netgear gs108 switch.

Cable isn’t the issue. Tested it out by plugging in a laptop and connected just fine to the internet.

As I’ve stated before as far as I know it should just work with what ever switch I plug the ap into.

Did you set the management VLAN in the controller?

Forgive my ignorance here but the switches are unmanaged and I do not see an option in the ap controller software (java / web based controller not one of there cloud keys) for any vlan settings.

@NZSNIPER for controlling VLAN’s is only available, I believe, if you have an Unfi switch. I have only an Unfi switch, so I’m probably right since @thetazman only has an Unfi Access Point and said he didn’t see any option for Vlan’s in his last post.

@thetazman While theoretically, any piece of Ubiquiti equipment should work with any other manufacturer’s equipment, that isn’t the situation in this case. At least it has been my experience. The problem with Unfi equipment it’s designed to be configured with either a cloud key, its control software, or the cloud. Since the Unifi controller can’t configure other manufacturer’s equipment, no wonder you are having trouble. So in my opinion, you have two options. The first option replaces all your network equipment with Unfi products. The second option connect your UNIFI Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range into the Netgear gs108 since you said that works. If I were in the same situation as you, I would pick option two and wait six weeks and see if I had any more trouble before spending any more money.

Option 2 is precisely what I’ve done to get things working and I am using unifi’s controller software to manage the ap.

I had figured I post the question here to see if there was something i was missing / wrong with my knowledge / expectations on how this stuff should work.

Thank you all for the suggestions / help.

I am glad at least you found a way to use your AP. I hope you don’t have any further issues, but as I mentioned before, Ubiquity network equipment doesn’t always work together very well. The network connectivity between the different network equipment tends to drop; then you need to spend hours trying to get the connectivity between the different equipment restored. At least that has been my experience.

At one point I had an ISP provided cable modem that was refusing to talk to TP link router. Adding a dumb switch in between helped.

These days, one of my U6-LR connected through the 24W-G injector into an old TP-Link SG-1024DE switch which seems to work fine for me.

I wonder, could it be the injector or AP maybe not liking some LLDP stuff that switch might be sending out. Do you have flow control or cos or any ethernet-y management-y features that depend on LLDP enabled on your bigger switches?

None that I’m aware of and none that I can set or control.