Aorus X570 Pro Memory QVL list (Solved)

I have currently two G.SKILL F4-3000C16D-32GSXWB sticks (2x 16) in my system, and it works with XMP at 3000 speed.

I am unable to find any mention of 64 GB support in the QVL. Would this mean that I might just as well forget memory overclocking 64GB if I was to, say, add another set of those sticks?

Moreover, the QVL doesn’t say anything at all about ECC memory.

Is buying ECC memory for such boards just like trial and error?

This is the kind of uncertainty that makes me want to buy a ready made killer workstation from Lenovo.


I just checked the list and it does note how many sockets it supports a particular module in and the module itself would have to be ECC for the MB to support it. So I’m not sure where the uncertainty is?

X570 supports up to 128GB. They’ve already released a new list since the last time I checked it so it will probably grow to include some options at some point.

Well, ECC memory is probably a less tested use case for a consumer board so you’re naturally going to have less options. Then again server board memory vetting is usually a pretty short list too so ymmv.

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Gosh right, I can understand it now, the PDF was cut off on the right… silly me.
Thanks for clearing this one.

lol, np. I only knew because I’d recently looked at the lists for X570 boards to see if I could get away with reusing some ram too, but I still double checked because my memory is sketchy in my old age.

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I have trouble understanding what the # of Ranks x DRAM devices column means
Most of that is 2Rx8 or 1Rx8.

Also if I type the whole string of the memory model nothing shows up.

Knowing so little about memory I can’t guess whether 4x 16GB set would work with this board just looking at the QVL.

Most likely 2Rx8 would mean 2 ranks or double ranked by 8 chips? Just details really as there is a separate column for Single or Double.

Yeah, I searched for yours too and didn’t get a match. Most likely not tested yet. If it’s a particularly old part it might not be, hard to say.

There is 16GB modules on the list that will work with 4 sticks. But add ECC and at least 3000Mhz as requirements and I didn’t see any. There is some lower clock Micron sticks that are ECC fwiw. /shrug.

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Thanks for checking that. Yes, one option would be just buy another set of DIMMS and try, I bet it would work at lower speeds at least, and it maybe that in my workflow such memory speed wouldn’t really matter that much. Rather having enough memory would help.

I am wondering whether ECC memory is necessary in my work. I have had issues of data corruption with Maya files, but I am willing to bet my soul that the issues are Maya bugs, not actual memory errors. Saving incrementally is a must, as before Maya crashed suddenly and corrupted the file beyond repair.

Yeah, in that case you probably don’t need ECC for protection against bit flips. Some even argue you don’t really need it for ZFS unless data integrity is your business.

More importantly I’d buy sticks at the speed rating you’re wanting (Edit preferably on the supported list) and not overclock at all if stability is your main concern. If you’re experienced at overclocking you might be able to tweak it until it works but I’d personally hesitate otherwise if it was a machine you’re doing work on.

oh yes, this is what I thought too.
The memory I use is rated 3000Mhz and I just loaded the XMP profile in BIOS. Is this considered “overclocking”?

Well I suppose it might be technically speaking higher that it’s base clock, but if it’s rated at 3000Mhz it should be fine. I meant pushing it higher from there.

@nyankocool Would you mind sharing your IOMMU groups on that board?

shopt -s nullglob
for g in /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/*; do
    echo "IOMMU Group ${g##*/}:"
    for d in $g/devices/*; do
        echo -e "\t$(lspci -nns ${d##*/})"

Easy to generate :wink: Thanks

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Sorry I just now found this. Too late?

I am running 2x32gb 2666 ECC sticks in my X570 board with 2700x, QVL just means it has been validated to give you the listed performance. You shouldn’t have any issues other then hitting rated speeds possibly.

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Yes, I am running 4x 16GB Sniper X now, no problem hitting 3000Mhz.

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