Aorus X570 Master BIOS F4

Hi all, I’m working on my second linux build which consists of an Aorus Master x570 and a 3950x.

I have a few issues I’m trying to work through at the moment.

[1] The computer doesn’t seem to boot — after lots of reboots (posts AA) it seems like I can boot via the ubuntu installer USB but only if I select the “safe graphics” mode. This was the case testing both the HDMI or DisplayPort cables — so I’ve ruled out the monitor as being the issue I think. The GPU is a 2080 Super if that makes a difference.

[2] Even though I bought the MB this month the damn thing came with BIOS F4. I was hoping it would have been more recent (doesn’t have the THB header either).

I’ve been searching through the forums but it’s a little overwhelming to read through all the posts but there was a reply somewhere from @wendell where he mentions which BIOS he updated to. I found his “perfect setting” post but that thread seems to only mention F7 in passing.

It looks like F11 is the latest version — has anyone tried this version yet? Is there a recommendation? I know the latest release is not always the best.

I’m hoping that the boot process will be slightly smoother after updating the bios.

None of them do

Yeah F11 is fine.

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F11 working great for me.

The perfect BIOS settings are not really BIOS specific, it’s very common settings that are recommended there, nothing AGESA specific.


Thank you guys. I updated to F11, installed 19.10 and I’m good to go.

Follow up question — I’m guessing I should switch to the backup BIOS, reboot, and update that one as well correct? Or did you guys leave the backup as F4?

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