Aorus X570 Elite XMP not working with 4 ram sticks

I have a workstation using Ryzen 9 3900x with 64GB of 3200Mhz ram. I have been trying to get XMP to work but it’s only staying at 2333Mhz when all slots are populated and with XMP set to 3200MHz and auto. All voltage settings are set to auto at the moment. Motherboard is currently running the latest bios available (abba)

What am I missing?

Don’t use XMP, i’d suggest trying ryzen dram calculator and entering everything manually. Start with the V2 Safe preset for your ram and work from there, make sure to enter the right settings for modules, cpu and chipset. Use the recommend voltages for soc, vddp vddg etc.

Well memory overclocking is going to be a limitation on this particular board,
at least wenn it comes to overclocking with 4 dimms.
because of its 4 ounce pcb.

But of course there are more variables in play to figure out,
what your potential issue could be.

  • what is your dram voltage?
  • what memory kit do you use? (is it listed on motherboards qvl list? )

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