Aorus X5 restarts when invoking shutdown

OK, so my wife and I have matching Aorus x5 laptops...cute I know. My rig is working fine but hers has lately taken to rebooting when invoking shutdown.

We both have Windows 10, but I am dual-booting Antergos Linux. I booted her laptop with Linux Mint, was only able to get to a commandline, but then immediately shutdown with sudo poweroff but this had the same result so this does not seem to be a Windows issue. I just spoke to Aorus tech support and they believe the same as I do that it is a hardware issue after having me boot to safe mode and getting the same result when invoking shutdown. The only way to get the machine off is to interrupt a restart by holding down power and sometimes this takes two or more tries to be successful. Very strange.

We live on the east coast and Aorus wants us to mail the laptop to them in So Cal. I don't really want to open it up, but mailing it is a risk and a pain in the ass for this situation. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas before I ship her off?

Thanks in advance!

Check if using your charger or on battery the issue is still present. Other than that I really don't know what you could do without tearing it apart and looking at everything with a magnifing glass (but even in that case I doubt you'll find anything relevant).

OK, it doesn't seem to make a difference. I guess I'll have to send her off.

Well well, so far it looks like resetting the CMOS has done it! I disconnected the battery and CMOS battery for about five minutes and so far she is shutting down reliably.

This is where I got the idea...

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