Aorus nvme ssd 1TB install on Aorus Master Motherboard

Hello. I am slowly piecing together the parts for a new desktop machine, I will be using for gaming and development. It will be dual-boot Win 10/Linux (hopefully Slackware) 64-bit.

This weekend I bought the Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master motherboard and a Gigabyte Aorus nvme 1TB (yes, the copper one). I plan to install the ssd in the first socket, the M2A. I will also install a PCi 3.0 ssd in socket M2B.

My question is this: Can I leave the thermal guard off on the Aorus nvme, after installation? My thinking is the copper will do well enough to keep it cool.

I should add, I will be installing a GPU in PCIEX16. I will be using the Ryzen 7 3700x cpu.


I have the same Motherboard and the Gigabyte 2TB nVME SSD.

I kept the copper heat spreader on the SSD and put the one with the motherboard into the box for safe keeping.

Using it for nearly a year now and no thermal issues.

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