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Aorus Master x570 Perfect UEFI Settings

Decent. 1.4v is fine, i wouldn’t sorry about it esp. if pbo is off. You could try the 3 dot method if you have the spare paste. Crank the fans and see if you see better 1t boosts? Just in case it might be thermal.

3200 ram should have a fair bit of headroom.

Also experiment with disabling cpcc in uefi. Sounds weird I know but try it?

Thanks for the input. I tried the 3 dot method and it indeed dropped 5c. I’m maxing out at 80c. The cpu voltage spikes to 1.45+ volts during Cinebench R20 and games. I also tried turning PBO >Advanced > pbo limit set to motherboard, and it drops the temps and voltage (rarely reaches 1.4v). single core boost drops to 4.3ghz.

1.5v for 1 or 2 cores is fine, long as it’s auto doing it. Pbo on has technically regressed your performance.

There is another setting ctdp somewhere you might try making that 104w.

Any change with cpcc disabled?

The heatpipe layout for the d15s is not ideal because both chiplets only directly touch 1 heatpipe.

Nothing changed as far as I’ve seen with cpcc disabled. I don’t know if it counts, but a minor bump in Cinebench R20 1t (7 pts) and 3 cores hitting 4.5ghz instead of 2. You’re spot on regarding the PBO, so I disabled it. Pretty happy with it so far. Oh, btw, saw your video on Adata sx8200 pro, exports and imports raw photos like a champ.

Use hwinfo64 (the beta) and run geekbench4 and link me the result? I can discern a few things from that maybe.

Here are my results.

cpcc enabled geekbench result

cpcc disabled geekbench4 result

rofl, the cpcc disabled is higher. I need the url of the results though, I can get more out of the raw data.

This will sound odd, but try setting your memory to 2933. The Soc voltage is a hair under 1.1 and paste the hwinfo64 screen after another geekbench run pls.

This will be tedious as we go through this… but gathering valuable data.

your max temp of 76.1c is suspect because if you hit that temp, the boosts will for sure back off. So I’m wondering if that’s related.

“name”: “Bus Frequency”,
“value”: “100.0 MHz”,

Is it set for 100.01 and not exactly 100 in bos? and the options for cpu voltage and soc voltage are set to “normal” ?

Voltage looks weird on hwinfo64 is why I ask.

cpcc disabled geekbench4 result

cpcc enabled geekbench4 result

updated my comment with more questions :smiley:

Bus freq: set to 100.01
cpu voltage: set to “normal”
soc voltage: set to “auto”

try soc on normal also pls, and lmk about the 2933 gb run

Yup set this to normal.
Because Auto generally doesn´t really do what it supposed to do.

Here’s the result:
2933mhz ram, soc voltage normal, cppc disabled

It is highly fascinating that the temps are still at 77c but the boosts are much lower. Voltages and wattage are over 10w lower now also but the temps remain high. Hmmmm

Max out the CPU fan and repeat tests? At 2933? Anything you can do to try to reduce temps just for testing? Pop the side off etc?

Max Fan , no side panel, btw, I’m using the Silverstone PM02 stock config.
cpu vcore,soc,dynamicvcore, dynamicsoc all set normal. the rest auto.
I read somewhere that some people disable “core performance boost”. I think mine was set to auto.(didn’t touch it)

Does your case have case fans?
And what is the configuration of that?
Because with an open side panel your case fans don´t generate any positive airflow for you.
I don´t know that particular case out of my head.

3x 140mm front intake fans, 1x140mm rear exhaust. Noctua D15s. I think I may have screwed up the thermal paste application or something. Unfortunately I ran out of thermal paste. I ordered a couple of tubes of thermal grizzly paste. I’ll update my results when it arrives.

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Yeah also do a test with side panel on and off.
This might make a slight difference as well.

However not sure if anyone has already tried to set a lower base cpu voltage,
and then try to play with the LLC profiles of the board.
And see what those do in terms of voltage over boost when benchmarking.
and what result that has on temps and stability.
Not sure yet how the LLC profiles act on the new X570 boards and cpu’s.

Thanks for the info. I’ll update this thread with my results as soon as I can. It’s a bit nerve wracking tinkering with bios ( I just ditched my iMac ) so I’ll try to read up on your input.

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