Aorus Master Dead

Hi all,

My Aorus Master recently died. One morning it wouldn’t turn on … no lights, no blink, no little fan movement. Nothing. After RMAing it, I found the gigabyte forums (and some others) indication that some are having this exact problem. A few got fixed by removing the battery and doing CMOS resets.

I had Micro Center do a diagnoses and they agreed the board was dead.

It’s in the Gigabyte Caves of Eternal RMA Death™ right now. It’s been at their RMA site in California for over 2 weeks and not even registerer on the RMA web site yet. (They say it takes about 3 weeks.)

Anyway, anyone have this problem on the Master? It is widespread (or thinspread?)


It’s probably thin spread, or lets say just a matter of bad luck.
In the end, it’s still electronics and those can fail.
But with this board it’s not very common.

I have the same model motherboard for my gaming rig, I’ve not seen this issue.

I’m hoping this is not a widespread issue but will post any followup if something does happen.

What would be considered “common” these days?

Back when I was in the pedalling hardware business RMA rates of motherboards and ram used to be 1-2% (for good brands).

I feel like the average motherboard prices have gone up and so has the number of components that require high quality circuitry. What are the RMA rates these days?

This genuinely sounds like a subpar BIOS chip which also can happen from time to time. If the BIOS was socketed, you could just replace the chip, but they’re soldered in on this model.

Zero standby power is a even more serious issue that could mean stuff like the X570 chipset itself has had it’s solder balls crack because it was under a hot GPU.

How hot was your GPU perchance?

Which Aorus Master? Z370? Z390? Z490? TRX40? B550? X370? X470? Etc, etc?

That’s like saying “Has anyone had a problem with their Ford?”.

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