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AORUS Gen4 AIC SSD in TRX40 Designare

I have a Gigabyte TRX40 Designare and have loaded the included nvme Card with 4 1TB Gigabyte Auros Gen 4 nvme’s.
Gigabyte claims 15,000Mb/s for this config.
a) I am getting less than half of that and
b) The Gigabyte Storage Manager doesn’t show any drives at all.

I installed the AMD Raid drivers when I installed windows (in order for windows to see and install to the disk) and am wondering if that is the problem?

In any event, Wendell - you showed this off in a video – and am wondering what you might have done to get this to work and work well.

I have set bifurcation to 4x4x4x4 in the bios - and configured the RAID in the bios too (since the Win10 Storage Manager software wouldn’t see any drives). Perhaps that is a mistake too.



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