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Aorus Elite vs Master board quality

So I built a pc on the Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570, I’m mostly happy with it except for an oddity that it seems to reset bios settings if off for extended period of time. It’s also really sluggish when in the bios and sometimes has fits with my mouse (on a side note, why does a bios need mouse drivers anyway?). I need to break it open and check if the cmos battery is just bad or if its something else.

Now I built this box with the plan to build a second one part-for-part for my dad as his new workstation. We both thought the Elite was a good price point. Neither of us game hard (I play HBS Battletech and MC, we both play a little bit of Neverwinter Nights). We both really need workstations. (I’m a network tech for a university, he’s a retired network engineer who’s planning on doing contract/consultant work in the same field). So what I’m wondering is was the elite the right choice from a reliability point of view? Or was it perhaps better to go with the Master? Especially since he’s explained that he wants more ram (I built 32G, he wants a minimum of 64) and good VM support.

The feature list of the Elite is sufficient. I’m just wondering if my minor pains are a fluke, the Elite is a “get what you pay for” board in terms of QC?

Did you already update the bios to the newest version?
If the bios resets after a couple of hours,
when the system is unpluged from wall power.
Then there is likely something wrong with cmos battery.

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I haven’t built from scratch since my athlon 3000xp in 2001 so I wanted to ask before going through the trouble of finding the right battery. I have not done the bios update. I’ll give that a go first.

Ive seen this issue quite commonly with this board when reviewing what boards to buy. I went with the master incase i ever do upgrade to a 12 core/16 core later on. More options down the line :slight_smile:

Bios update done, that’s well… amazingly simple compared to 32bit athalon days.

The bios interface definitely behaves better. Also, it didn’t reset between moving from work space to my desk. So that’s good.

Edit: changed did to didn’t to clarify.

So it froze this evening. After a reboot it refuses to negotiate 1G on the nic. I need to do some other troubleshooting of my home network but ???

Anyone else seeing an issue with the onboard nic?

What does it do?
What kind of speeds do you get from your nic?
If you have a laptop laying around, you could connect that,
to the said ethernet cable.
Just to exclude the cable as being the potential cullprit.

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nvm its a cable issue, duplicated on the laptop. I’m getting 100 half duplex. I don’t have a second cable that reaches my desk, but there’s a spool at work and tools, so I’ll make one and bring home tomorrow.

As for the freeze. It was exactly that, the old loop the last sound from the speaker and become unresponsive to anything but the power button (it’d even fallen off the network so I couldn’t ssh in and kill processes). It hasn’t done it since, but it was shortly after that I got a phone call that triggered me to look at network speed for something unrelated and realized I was stuck at 100 half. So that would unrelated.

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