Anyway to speed gaming capabilities with VPN

I recently got a VPN ( from recommendations from teksyndicate's youtube channel.

I play online games and notice that my ping is higher than my ping without VPN.  I thought the VPN was supposed to help your connections go through back ways to be faster or am I mistaken.  Does that mean VPN doesn't work with games and only works with things such as youtube, twitch, netflix, etc?

It can help with bandwidth, because ISPs essentially throttle high-traffic sites, but because the VPN doesn't directly connect you to the internet (the VPN being a privacy intermediary), it actually increases ping.

So, it's a mixed bag if it actually increases performance, depending on what you do. Watch a lot of Netflix, YouTube, or download large files? VPN helps. Gaming online? Not so much...


I've found that several of my games won't even connect while using a VPN from privateinternetaccess.  Their online tech support was not very helpful, but they did suggest the following:

You can try connecting to one of the Port forwarding enabled gateways.
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • CA North York
  • CA Toronto
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Germany
As they are a little more relaxed on the ports.