Anyway to seperate audio from multiple programs?

Is there a way, with the use of some kind of software or hardware that allows me to separate the audio to specific speakers for multiple programs running?

Lets say I have VLC playing onto my tv (3rd monitor) with the sound going to the tv as well, but then on another screen I want to be able to play youtube or a game but make the sound go to my headset.

Is there anyway to do this?


So make default playback device the headphones(plugged into front panel) and then you go in VLC and select audio output to speakers.

(dunno if VLC can select audio output MPC can)

Basically you want windows default playback device to be the headphones and tv/speakers to be select in the application that you use to watch movies.


If you have realtek hd audio you need to go to option and select that you wanna play different audio stream when you plug in headphones in front panel.