Anyway to get phyX on a amd gpu

hello i have manage to enable physX on a amd 7850 GPU but i get 14FPS to 60FPS any way to keep physX and a desent framerate

Physx runs on the cpu if you have an AMD card so get a stronger cpu or leave it off (it really makes no difference anyways)

same thing happened to me when i was playing with borderlands 2

Physx is a Nvidia "technology" it can only be ran on cuda cores or x86 CPUs, I'm am not sure if they have multicore physX out official yet but if it is then all your CPU cores that aren't usually used will.

you can also put a Nvidia GPU in for dedicated Physx while using your AMD card for the 3D rendering

If you got a AMD card your CPU will be doing the physx, if its struggling youl need to set it to its lowest level ingame or disable it totally.

I could be wrong, but wasnt it like that you can turn on PhysX, at least on low settings? But it would consume so much power of your gfx or cpu, I dunno.

Personally, i can live without PhysX, as long as they do not develop any game relevant stuff, depending on PhysX.

Borderlands 2 lets you turn physx as high as you want with the CPU, but even my 2600k at 4.5 ghz can't handle it for shit. I can't speak for other physx games because I don't know of any off hand (physx is mostly just a gimmick, hopefully it's replaced by OpenCL-based physics engines, which can be used by any DirectX 11+ card).

As gigabuster said, you can get a Nvidia card to use just for physx. From what I hear, when used only for physx, any old piece of garbage card that supports it is plenty fast enough. You can find a 610 for ~40 bucks American.

I really hate Nvidia for the marketing FUD. PhysX is just a bad physics engine because it only works with CUDA and CPUs and not OpenCL. I mean, how the hell can they act like it's a good engine? Bullet for example is free and uses CPU and OpenCL so you basically get good performance with all graphics cards and not just with Nvidia. I'd even guess that Nvidia pays developers to use PhysX so it runs "better" on their GPUs and then useres are like "lawl, amd suckz they no got no physx!11"...

Dammit. Sorry for OT.

I thought you couldn't use a AMD GPU and a Nvidia GPU in the same system even if the Nvidia card was just for PhysX, am I right or have I just been misinformed?



You can't use them both for display. If I remember correctly (I've never actually done this), you basically install a hacked driver for the Nvidia card that does nothing but recognize it as a PhysX device.

Oh I see, so basicley their isn't a way to have both a AMD GPU and a Nvidia GPU for PhysX in a system witout hacking the drivers?



It is possible to run physX if you get Nvidia drivers and find tutorial how to enable it. Get an older Nvidia driver to enable this feature on AMD GPU.