Anyway to check HDD life?

so i got some 3tb and 2tb and 1tb 7400rpm drives laying around my room and i wanted to put them to use in my rig. now one of them does make a bit of sound other then the basic spinning sound u get from a mech drive.

crystaldisk says its in good condition the same as my SSD so i was wondering if there was other programs i can use to confirm the status before i start putting data on the drives.

There is the SMART report and there are a few programs that can assess that information. One of the best programs there is SpinRite from GRC. It's not free, and not cheap but it is the most comprehensive tool out there. It's the type of thing a professional PC repair tech would use.

Did you run a full sector test? Can do from linux, or a tester like Western Digital diag. Anything that does a full sector would be good

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man i think ill need linux as a partition but gonnaneed help will post that in linux cat.

is that available to all HDD brands as i mostly own seagate due to the price factor haha

is that part of the bios?

i think i can find a copy online for "free"

uhhh lol you can run it from a disc... pretty sure its included as a basic part of the OS

lol it works on any brand in my experience. I mean you could use something else like testdisk too, or a million others. Google 'Full sector HD test'

I did that and it came up with EaseUS Partition Master.
I already have that and it is a very good (and free) program. I use it all the time. I am running a test now, my main drive is IDK how old.

well i found this
downloading now

Worst comes to worst get a live linux distro and use disks. Here is my seems to be used for 5.5 years old Intel ssd relegated to windows and skyrim only. I bought the little trooper like 8-9 Years ago I think.

If you have a Live Linux USB, you can run the gauntlet of tools there on the drives. Tools like badblocks for checking bad sectors etc

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