Anything Good For Free?

So i just built my music/gaming computer, and im a little light in the pocket because of it.

is there any good free PC games out that i should play?

Currently I'm pacifying myself with Empire Total War, Arma 2, And Just Cause, that i bought several years ago.


Loadout, Gotham City Imposters, and TF2 are all good and free to play

I'm really Gotham City Imposters, but its a bit difficult to find a game late at night

TF2! how did i forget about that game lol, thanks for jogging my memory and for the suggestions :)

Black Mesa comes to mind.

Dota 2 if you like being frustrated. As well as Alien Swarm if you have friends to play with.

I don't know if Airmech is any good, but it seems interesting. Hearthstone is pretty fun too.

DC Universe Online was fun for a bit too.

I'm about to post 2 games that you can have if you're fast enough

PlanetSide 2 is amazing! big learning curve tho. also try Tribes: Ascend



Tribes: Ascend

War Thunder

League of Legends, but it requires a lot of learning without really providing ways to learn.

You should really try out Planetside 2! Amazing graphics, gameplay and it's free.


Rift is F2p now. but the game engine sucks and it's annoying how it's very limiting on fps. but the game is pretty decent. 

World of Tanks

World of Warplanes

World of Warships (soon)

Mechwarrior Online

War Thunder (widely regarded better then World of Warplanes, also has a tank mode)

Hawken is on steam now, and it's a fantastic mecha shooter, I find it a little more fast paced than most mecha games, and I like the change. And if you have Nvidia, you'll appreciate it more with how optimized it is for the green team.

Love man.... love.

But really... some good stuff here: but you have to dig a lot.

Also, this is a good article:


Hat Fortress Simulator 2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)