Anyone working on NLTK?

Hi Tek Syndicate Community

Have recently been working on NLTK and I am absolutely fascinated with it! Thought I'd see if anyone else is happy to open a learning community, exchange advice and/or ideas about current upcoming projects?


What is NLTK I have never heard of it?

Woops sorry for that. Its a Natural Language Toolkit running on Python:

Comes with a free online book and all.

I'm really interested in NTLK as well. I have a project going to quickly get pages from wikipedia data dumps, and it seems like just the job for getting some interesting information by analyzing all that data.

Haven't looked at NLTK but I know Sentdex (YT Programmer) does some stuff with it.

Here is his playlist on it:

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I was using nltk with python 3.4 a while ago , it worked brilliantly , as someone has already mentioned sentdex has covered a lot of the basics like chunking and assigning named entities etc , i havent been able to find any other youtubers or documentation online that explains the nltk python module in depth , if you find any good resources for py nltk please post them here , i would greatly appreciate it.

Yes we have been using the NLTK toolkit for all our chatbot development projects and I must say it’s a fantastic tool that has saved my team a lot of time and expense. The best part is that even a beginner can build a small chatbot with NLTK and it will still run efficiently. So if anyone needs help in chatbot development services with NLTK, feel free to ask here. I can help with the complete anatomy of the easiest chatbot one can build using NLTK and python.