Anyone work with Alcatel gear?

I have a 24 port Alcatel gigabit switch ( the model escapes me at the moment) it is more or less setup as a dumb switch at the moment. The issue is that only about 3 of the ports are set to 1000 mbps I would like to set all the ports to Gigabit if possible. I know that I need to terminal  into the switch and this shouldn't be a problem. I have never configured one of these and was wondering if anyone could offer some insight? I think i will use the command interface <slot>/<port> . How do I tell what the slot is I assume port is the number printed above the port. do I need to do anything to edit / save the setting changes?

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Normally it would be "interfaces [type] <slot>/<port> speed 1000" (alternatively 1000 can be set as 10/100/1000 or auto)

"Type" most likely being referenced as "Gi" or "Gigabit"

if you type "interfaces ?" it should give you a list of interfaces.

Thank you.

Is the slot the switch itself (ie Switch0) or is it the group of ports on the switch.

Slot is in reference to modular switches. Where there maybe variable add in cards in use.