Anyone willing to sell a 7870 or 7970 xfx at a CHEAP PRICE (free is always welcomed)

I have had a gaming pc over a month now i made and it cost about $700+ so i cheaped out on the gpu and i really wanna upgrade my gpu... Anyone willing to give a good price. I need a gpu that is smaller then 11 inches because my case cant hold anything bigger than that. Thank you

I leave this here for you. I dont have one personally but try contacting this guy. 

helpful but he has a 1GB im looking for 2 or 3

I mean goodluck, try ebay or craigslist.

ill sel you one that i used for a week them put back in its box its 2gb for 8 25 dollar amazon giftcards because i dont have acredit card and dont know how 2 use paypal Best I can do for you.

ill sell you a 7870 for 8 25 dollar amazon giftcards