Anyone want to help me make a decent-looking Roundcube skin?

I'm sure most of you have heard of RoundCube, the fabulous free open source webmail system. I love it. It's great. The only issue with it is the UI. The default skin, and most other skins I've tried, basically suck.

There are maybe 1-2 good skins, but they cost money and aren't worth their price in my opinion.

I want to use MaterializeCSS (I fell in love with it during my own project) to make a material design roundcube skin that's mobile friendly and looks good on everything.

Anyone wanna help? Thinking of doing it on GitHub but if anyone is just dying to use another site, I'm open to suggestions. Bear in mind I'm a relatively new developer, so if I say anything dumb you'll have to be

I maintain a roundcube instance and your totally right. The UI isn't really as user-friendly as it should be nowadays.
Sadly I am not a developer, so I am likely of no help. But looking forward and hope you'll be successful.

If you know HTML/CSS I think that's all you need to know (for the most part) to do RoundCube skins, and I'd still love y'all non-developer-type's input on the design of things. I'm going to sort of mimic gmail, but not entirely.

I am familiar enough with html/css for smaller adjustments (e.g. messing up wordpress ;) ), but honestly not good enough for a big one like recreating a g-mail like UI for RC.

I can help. Even i am looking someone to join me. :)

Awesome! Do you have an idea of what you think it oughtta look like? Can you make a mockup? I'll try and make a mockup of my idea this week sometime and we can compare (and get others ideas too, everyone else feel free to contribute mockups of the design)

I need some time.
Once done, i will let you know through ......?

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Just post it on the forums in this thread.That way everybody can see it and others can contribute/suggest changes.

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Sure :)