Anyone want a job at Symless?

This popped up in my email today. I’d probs apply if I knew more python. Sadly, I’m better at old machine code and Lua, not exactly C++ or object oriented stuff. I get the ideas though.

They need people. Maybe I’l apply, IDK, but at this point I’m sick of subway and this is the kind of job I want anyways.

What about you guys? Interested?

Sounds like it may get be a good company to work for judging by their blogs. Recognition that the ideal candidate might not have c++ experience is good too. Where I work they seem to want the perfect candidate to walk through the door every time, and when they actually do we can rarely meet salary expectations.

But no, I won’t be applying.

Eh, I decided to apply. They seem to want to take anyone at this point.

Cool, good luck.

Just checked my inbox. I recieved their email ad too.

I assume you’d try for a remote worker role, or would you hope to relocate to the UK? It’s nice where they are and not that far from London. House prices/rents can be a little high in that part of England because of that but otherwise it’s not bad.

Things you may wonder…

Uh, you know £50k isn’t much right?
In the UK it’s actually a pretty good salary. It’s roughly equivalent to a $100k job in most major US cities because tax and the cost of living is much lower here. For the right candidate, we may even be able to offer a higher salary, and we have excellent benefits.

If you find a developer, will this make Synergy 2 more stable?
Yes! We’re trying our best with only 3 developers (and one of them, Jerry, is leaving!), At the current rate, it’ll take about 12-18 months before Synergy 2 is where we want it to be in terms of stability and feature richness. If we find 3-4 more developers, this should cut this time down to 6 months or less.

My friend can’t relocate, should they apply?
Sure! We’re totally onboard with remote workers, even from other countries (we currently have 2 remote workers at opposite ends of the globe). We would prefer someone who can move to our HQ in Camberley, Surrey (UK) as it’s easier for communication, but it’s slim pickings here (even the big companies are struggling to find people).

What if my friend doesn’t know C++?
Lucky for your friend, we’ll teach them C++. All we ask is that they know an object-oriented language already, and have a good understanding of computer science (design patterns, common principles and paradigms, etc). As well as providing mentorship and learning internally, we also pay for programming courses and have an unlimited book allowance.

What about company culture and benefits?
At Symless, we have an open and free culture where people have autonomy and mastery. When we say flexible working hours, we really mean it. Our philosophy is to be results-oriented, and we’re not the sort of company who chains people to their desks. You can also work from home, and we’ll provide the equipment you need to do so effectively. Oh, and there’s unlimited annual leave too. Plus, we support LGBT and equal opportunities.

I guess it’s time for me to fake it until I make it. If people can fake being doctors, surley I can fake being a programmer.

Or they can just teach me.

its 25k at the low end, i assume depending on experience.

Yeah, if you were to move there, you’d need the 50k at a minimum to get a house there.

the unlimited holiday is always interesting, i always wonder if this is an attempt to get people to use less holiday, it can be easy to overlook holiday when lots of things are going on. (your entitled to a minimum of 28 days (inc bank holidays))

I agree on that, in most companies I’ve worked that give 25 days plus bank holidays I’ve struggled to take it all. I know of a few people that eventually get told to take 3 weeks off when HR find out they have not taken any leave other than bank holidays for 18 months! There is little chance anyone will take 30 or more days plus bank holidays, if they did I reckon it means that at other times of the year they will have put in way more than the usual 40 hour week.

If they even considered me in the first place, I’d relocate in a year or so. Anywhere from December or way way into next year, june or so. If they cared. Need to brush up on my C though.

And TBH I’m not too thrilled to have to move there if they accepted my app. I’d rather stay in the US than go anywhere even close to europe that place is a shit hole right now.

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I’m curious as to what you said.

Me too.

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Um, ok, you know Europe is a big place? Top tip, if you get an interview, don’t say that :wink:


I mean if it were poland or italy that’d be cool.

At least I can say that in a job interview in America and still get hired.

You pick the two countries with the most f**ked economies.

You probably wouldn’t if you said America was a shithole though :slight_smile:

My brother had an awkward interview after he returned from Iraq and left the Army. In the interview he was asked by the touchy-feely-liberal HR interviewer the hardest part about his last job. His reply was something along the lines of “Not being killed by the f***ing ****** terrorists” at which point the HR guy didn’t know what to say. He got the job, but in hindsight wished he’d never anwsered that way, he knew he’d been a cock and didn’t look proffesional.

Well was he actually telling the truth? That’s all that matters.

I can tell you are a techy :wink: