Anyone wanna make a Dayz group?

Ive been trying to get my friends into dayz but it just isn't clicking, so I'm looking for a group of people that i can maybe group up with, record with a little. id like it to be about 4 to 8 strong. If theres anyone out there who alredy has a group and they need someone els, know I'm a very very good shot with almost all semi-auto weapons up to about 500 meters, moving targets at about 250 meters. Im not always the best leader, but I'm good at giving suggestions and stuff. (Im a good leader in groups up to about a size of 4) send me a PM if your interested :) or reply to this and ill reply to you.

well, i dont have the game yet, but i am planning to get it soon. i assume you mean record as in for youtube? i make youtube vids myself, so i wanted to aswell ( i have a couple of friends interested in dayZ aswell. anywa, the only thing that might be a problem for you is that im only 14 years old, soo... but i am not annoying like most little shits at my school are.

anyway, hope to hear back soon,


Hi i would like to be in ur dayz group i havent got dayz yet but i will have it at easter time. ps im 14 and i have a utube with 400 subs - if were doing a video me should at each other on skype or use a way to commuacate via microphone 

i'd love to team up on dayz

I'll join, add me on Steam : Kaldorain

Add me on STEAM       cotlod22

The whitelist servers I usually play on went down due to the admin not paying the server bill with the whitelist money he was given (GRRRRR).

I do not script, but Im not a anti script Nazi. Im the "get a 12 pack and play all night" kinda guy.

Sure, i'll join, i'm armypig on steam.