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Anyone using Go?


Anyone using Go, or am I alone here.

I use it as my language of choice daily for any/most kinds of programming, which ends up being mostly client/server, web backend, devops-ish stuff.


Golang and Golang Accessories

I started playing with the language last month. I started solving the Go problems on exercism and now i'm writting a small program to be deployed on my home pi to forward collected data from my home sensors to my server. I quite like the language, but in professional context, i still haven't used it.



I've used Go for different university projects, but I haven't used it in a while now. I like its concurrency approach :slight_smile:



I kind of am meh about Go,
but then again, the last 56 hours i spend coding was all done in

if, then, do, end

I really hate the formatting, also, why not {} instead of do, then, and end?!?!?!?!??!?!?

I don't freakin' know man, I'm going to hug C.



I have a couple of production systems in it, tend to use it for general backend stuff with nodejs running frontend. Sometimes a little c++ for transcoding stuff



Go seems like a cool language, but the toy-like build system and dependency management kind of turned me off. Maybe I'll give it another shot.



Most languages don't really come with a build/dep management system, you can use your own build system to manage deps and run builds if you have one that you're already using.

From what I've seen the trivial build/dep system it comes with is just there so you can get started more easily.

If you look around GitHub a fair chunk of go projects come with a Makefile , e.g. in case of a frontend that requires some JavaScript transpiler/optimizer to run to build assets to be served, or when there's c++ libraries.

Some projects like CockroachDB use go generate and go build to invoke building of deps.

I'm sure if you wanted to use Maven or Bazel or Ninja just rely on Gentoo ebuilds you could.



You mean Rust? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really seem to like my first impressions of it from watching videos of it on the internet.

Would love to use it for some kind of back end stuff.



Go has been my language of choice. I mostly deal w/ web services and full-stack applications but do a fair bit of cli + compiler-ish things in my free time.

Testing, deploying, cross compilation, … It’s all so easy with Go. The syntax and semantics are quick to pick up. Any language where you can feel like you know the entire language gets extra points for me (looking at you C++).


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