Anyone try Windows 10 AME?

I saw some thread on /g/ with this windows build that some guy had made a windows thing that doesnt update or have the telemetry stuff included, just wondering if anyone here had tried it out yet to see if it actually works.


Interesting. I’ll have to give it an audit. If this eliminates the telemetry, that’s a major gripe gone, but I’m also concerned about security updates. I wouldn’t run this on something where you’re concerned about security.

It’s based on 1511, so presumably, it hasn’t gotten a lot of security updates. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

If it’s purely for games, I can probably see it as okay.

I rather use windows 10 ltsb with spybot antobeacon

You did not strip it hard enough if you do not have manually reinstall certain elements.(which directly impacts the premise: for gaming. Which one may argue puts you right back in the same boat. ) There exists methods now that basically do the same thing and apply to all versions of windows 10. Never forget a good Firewall is your friend.

Interesting, tho.

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I actually know the guys that worked on this so I think I can speak for them at least a bit.

It wasn’t made strictly for gaming, it was made for you to have compatibility for windows specific software without having the overhead of telemetry and other junk processes to safe guard from your data without having to keep up with whatever windows is doing, like changing your boot order and making changes to your hosts. Both things I’ve had windows mess with after an update.

As was said on the info page, if you’re really concerned about security you really shouldn’t be running windows at all in the first place. Afaik Freebsd is your boye if you’re looking for security.

They trimmed out about 2GBs worth of default apps including updates and telemetry, and haven’t blocked anything, but explicitly removed any tracking at an executable level.

And also maybe it was made so one of the guys can play Halo:CE with peace of mind but it’s more than that too, I promise.

Well since the update, apps, and telemetry files have been deleted I would find it hard to “reinstall” them. Microsoft doesn’t exactly give you an option to install these parts of the OS. Please take a look at the documentation.