Anyone try Halo5 Forge? free for PC

I am downloading it now. Did not see a thread yet. Saw something about it on cult of mush.
No idea if it sucks or not but it is free and comes with Halo (or it says it does)

No Windows 10 yet for me so no I haven't tried it.

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Just finished installing after seeing this post.

I played about 5 mins of 1vs0. I won!

Looks like it would be fun. No match making so you'd have to get a group of friends on Xbox Live App to play it.

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yeah.... no matchmaking is the worst :(
Some people might also dislike the graphics limitations. capped at 60fps, and can't seem to go above 1080p (that may just be because my monitor is 1080p. So it might be capped to the monitor?)

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i played it briefly and kept getting glitches, but this was month and months ago.

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been downloading for an 2 hrs......1 gig....34 gig to go
gotta love DSL:)

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There are good games.
There are free games.
Are there any good free games? Yes! HAWKEN

IDK if Halo 5 bundle is one of them. Let's find out together shall we? D/L now.

support for up to 4K resolution

now what matters to me is does it support multi monitor

I can't even find it through store. So I went to the website directly and tried to get it through there. After Windows Store opens it says that Halo Forge (and Halo Forge Bundle) is currently unavailable. I'm thinking that it could be a regional thing. Maybe it's not available yet in my region.

Uh OH, I am only at 7 gigs and can hear the scissors from Redmond...snip...snip...snip

The bundle doesn't include "Halo" the game, but "Halo" the >App<

Not sure if you can get Halo 1 for free with this thing after double checking the page. Doesn't quite say.

I got the info from this vid,