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Anyone tried ECC RAM with a Ryzen 3000 and custom IF clock?

Hey, I’m planning on doing a build with the 3950x when it becomes available. I will use this machine for software dev work most of the time, so it will be Linux on an encrypted ZFS raid, two 4k screens, proper keyboard, and of course the many many cores for good compile speed. This will also finally be a CPU with ECC support! And I plan on buying two 16GB modules.

Now, I’ve looked a bit into the whole deal with how Ryzen 3000 scales with memory speeds, and I’ve seen a topic here where someone managed to overclock their ECC RAM to 3600MHz.

What I have not seen however, is whether someone tested setting a custom Infinity Fabric clock speed/multiplier when using slower ECC RAM. In theory, one should be able run 2400MHz RAM, crank the IF clock all the way up to 1800MHz in the UEFI (or set a ratio of 1.5), right? Hell, if you squint a bit that factor doesn’t even look that unsynchronized.

Has anyone here made any experiments/benchmarks with this?