Anyone Studying C#?

So i'm bored af and im gonna learn C# in school once it starts after summer so i'm wondering if anyone already is studying this language in school and if so, could you show me some of the school assignment you have?

Preferably with like a document with relevant information to the task :)


I will be, next semester. Just take any assignments you have or find some online and just solve them with C#, nothing special. You can try making a high load weather service, that takes an IP, looks up it's location and then retrieves the weather data. In itself it is not hard, but now try to get a response within 5ms for 80% of cases and supporting >1k requests per second on a generic laptop. I've done it with 3 other team mates, it requires a lot of technologies to learn, they will come in useful in the future. Surely if you have time you can figure this one out.

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Microsoft is currently teaching C# on edX if you wanted to start learning it early.

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Really good language, used to love C#. Haven't used it in such a long time that I think I've forgotton most things about it. One of the best things is how easy it is to make a graphical user interface for windows.

I maintain a tool in c# at my office, in all honesty its just a traditional language that depends heavily on its frameworks (.NET) but it is still a C language even though it feels like I'm writing Java the whole time.

It's super easy to read and write and the VisualStudio GUI tool is nice. I only use c# for that tool though.

A lot of game engines use it because of the framework dependency meaning they can control the language better. So if you want to write games c# is probably a great place to start.

I used c# as a stepping stone to learn how programming works. I now write in more than ten langauges frequently. Each language teaches me more about the others. Keep that in mind when coding.