Anyone still rock a Phenom II?

I stuffed my olde 1090T into a Shuttle case and use the rig as an HTPC. It's way overkill... just the way I like it. The 250W PSU has limited me to a 7850 GPU, since anything greater will shut it down, but a 7850 is also probably a little much considering it's only powering a 1080p front projector. Love that CPU!!! Hope it keeps rockin for another 5 years at least.

Got a Phenom II 42 TWKR sitting along side a Radeon HD 6970 on the marvelous MSI 790FX-GD70. Not a daily driver but I like to fire it up for fun every now and then.

One day I'll pick up a pot and a small tank of Ln2 for some OC fun.

6970? What happened the 6990?

my sister and her husband inherited my 4.2GHZ (still a forum record if I'm right) phenom II 965 BE system when I upgraded to my 8320 (running 4.6ghz)

it's still running like a champ, It'll be getting one of my 7870's when I upgrade Black Mesa Research terminal to R9 380/390's this fall.

Over 1.6 V !

Yeah I still have my old AMD Phenom™ II X6 Black 1090T on stock clock, coupled with 8gb corsair 1600mhz and a 7770 1gb for my livingroom PC. I stream most of my games from my main gaming system to this one, but my GF loves playing The Sims 4 and some little games like this and they run fine on the old phenom.

This thing was huge in 2011, a very good bang for the buck.

It lives with the 4690K.

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Not a forum record.


4.2GHz is still good.

4.5 at suicidal voltage, ehh.

They were safe below 1.6V for awhile. Ran my 960T at 1.55V for over two years. The 965s were binned better and that particular chip was all too happy to sit at 1.57V.

That isn't the same story for full Thuban. Never seen one last a full year above 1.52V, always needed to back them off before long.

I've got a Phenom II x6 1100t BE. It used to be in my main rig but It's currently in my basement rig ever since I upgraded. That thing was a beast and easily the last great CPU AMD made. With my i7 4790k, it's incredibly fast but once I start throwing a lot at it, I can feel it slowing down under the workload. That Phenom II X6 on the other hand would never get bogged down.

Phenom X6 was pretty overkill for its time, and I think AMD would do much better if they kept the bulldozer and the following architectures for server systems and just scaled down thuban to 32nm and just added two more cores.

That's a pretty big chip.

My second rig has the Phenom II x6 1055T running at I can't even remember. It's on an Asus M5A97Pro and the thing is bust. Might get a Asus Sabertooth board for it though (Aesthetic reasons), the CPU and everything else is fine apart from the motherboard.

My dad, on his 7 y/o HP desktop.

My x3 just got replaced as my main computer. It is on its third MB. I was gonna use a 7850k as an htpc but I realized that this old X3 with a GT520 silent gpu would make a great htpc. I have a 220 watt psu that is almost silent and a spare stock amd cpu cooler. I know it runs Linux mint very well with 4 gigs of ddr2 mem. Current MB is an ASROCK a785gm-le. I may even upgrade the cpu to a x4. What people want for an x6 on ebay is insane.

Yes x6 is stupidly overpriced.

I'm still running the AMD Phenom™ II X6 1055T. I had the x4 965 black edition first; however, I broke two pins on accident (Face Palm). Just upgraded the RAM to 16 Gigs the day before yesterday. I still can run Watch Dogs with ok graphics without any major problems. I just replayed Mafia II yesterday and it still runs like a champ. I'm holding out on major upgrades in order to build my intel replacement around November. Looking at the Core i7 5820k at my next build. I have the HAF X case and will be getting the RAM and a new graphics card within the next month. I will repurpose the Phenom II x6 to either a Security Onion box or run a NAS using freeNAS. If the black Friday deals are good, I'll probably grab two AMD cpu/motherboard bundles and use those for some these side projects.

I'm running the same on my test bench, still gets the job done.

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Phenom II X6 1090 I think :p works great with nvidia cards ^^

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I really miss my zosma phenom II x4 (unlocked to x6). I had it at (IIRC) 4GHz and the thing was BEAST at multitasking in 2012.

I had to sell it 3ish years ago mobo and ram and cpu for rent... I really wish I hadn't.

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Im still running a 955 overclocked to 3,8Ghz using a preset. Asus M4A77T motherboard and 2X2GB 1333Mhz RAM. It started crashing, found out the RAM was causing the problem, so I had to underclock it to 800Mhz to get it stable. Just ordered I5-6600K along with MSI Gaming M5 mobo today, can't wait 😁

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