Anyone Selling COD: Black Ops 2? (WTB)

I am a PC gamer, and have recently moved over here from console about 5 months ago. I'm loving it so far and have a few games that I really enjoy, but i really miss playing COD: Black Ops 2. If anyone has the game and would be willing to sell me it that would be fantastic. Equally i have a tradeable copy of Guns Of Icarus (very fun airship battle game) if anyone would like to do a trade. If you are interested then please reply to this post and we can discuss the deal on Skype and/or Steam etc.Thanks very much in advance, and I look forward to supporting this community if and whenever possible.

Any responses would be much appreciated

I'd sell mine to you if I can, but I already used it on steam. sorry man

Well thanks anyway, anyone else?


Here is a copy available for $22 LINK

That is a physical copy, I am not sure if it comes with a steam key though. Kind of BS that the digital still cost $60 regardless of where you look.

I wouldn't even buy the game to honest, i've played it for a while now, the multiplayer is basically dead. there is about 1000+ players online, and Zombies is just plain dead. you can barely find a game. on multiplayer the only real active playlist to  play is "Nukejacked" which is just a lobby that only the "Nuketown" and Hjacked" Maps with Multiple Hardcore and Core Game types.

i'm pretty sure World at War is more alive than black ops 2.