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Anyone seen Lighthouse?

I know RT isn’t a measurement of anything, but it have high audience score as well and critics are going crazy about it as a movie and cinematography and performance and everything…
And you know, he’s Batman now, so…

Have anyone seen this movie? It’s a limited release yet and it’s not even outside US yet. November 8-th it will open worldwide…

Never even saw the trailer on TV. Will have to google it.

Maritime stuff is cool tho. It has a nice visual appeal. And the octopus attacking the lighthouse is awsome.

Kinda hate that it’s in black and white. I need color in my life.

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It’s also 4:3 or some square-ish aspect ratio… I’ve seen some reviews…

I’ve yet to watch this director’s first(?) movie, the VVitch. I always put it off because of busy schedule but it always seems to make me uncomfortable, based on the trailer alone. This one also seems good and lovecraftian. This wIll be certainly put into my “movies to watch” list.

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I enjoyed the movie. It was something different in the never ending supper hero movie spree. Now I am interested to see this one, looks interesting. A24 haven’t disappointed me so far.

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Heard it was good. Planning on seeing it. VVitch was one of the best recent horror I’ve seen.

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