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Anyone see a test of the Dark Rock Pro TR4 yet?


It’s been out for a few weeks now, and not a pip from any news site, as far as a comparison test with the Noctua’s is concerned.

Did anyone here see some test results anywhere, or actually have one? Is Wendell doing a test in future?


Still nothing? I only found this one for now:

Here’s one mediocre German one

Not a very good test but a direct comparison to the Noctua model nonetheless. Bear in mind this is a German site and Be Quiet is a German brand, nationalistic pride does have a potential influence. They do not disclose their test setup at all, so hopefully we’ll see a more professional review soon.


Two more, one in Polish, translation in link added:
Polish Dark review

And another German one, this time translation link added for your lazy browsing
More German Darkness

As far as I can tell, none of these reviews are really good, but they all show the same pattern: the DRP4 TR4 performs about the same as the larger Noctua one, especially if you add the second fan to that one. And they both cost about the same. The black paint seems to chip easily on the Be Quiet cooler, and the fan clips are a real pain. But it leaves more space for the 1st PCIe slot, and has less headroom for RAM. Guess it comes down to what company you trust best to deliver reliable quality.

Having no experience with either company, that leaves me to… toss a coin?!?


Yeah. Cointoss, price on the day of purchase, aesthetic choice?


A 4 ?. The last one was a decent for silence but not in the top end cooling metric. If it was average ?

Solid… thumbs up. Under pressure… loud but not terrible performance.

They need to bounce the performance up… Still an really good product.


Hexus Review of the Dark Rock TR4

Looks to be doing a lot better than Fryzen and Wraithripper on a 2970WX.

I’m really curious how it performs to the Noctua NH-D14 or the 360 Liqtech II, but all of these reviews seem to just be showing it against the latest stuff and which is not necessarily the greatest.

I’m sure if you’re like me this will probably run great of 1st gen Threadripper, and do really well on current gen.

I would reallllly love a review from this from the guys here on Level1 or from the guys over at Gamersnexus. Most of these sites, while not bad, don’t do comprehensive enough reviews.

Wendell, if you’re reading this please do a review, Thanks!


So I caved and ended up getting my hands on one.

Overall from the past few hours I was able to play around with it, its definitely out performing the Noctua with 2 chromax NF-A15s. Overall seeing almost 7-10°C lower on average to the Noctua. Runs so much quieter too, as running the two NF-A15s on the Noctua over 1000rpm would create a turbulence like noise that no bueno to the ears.

We’ll see how it performs with gaming and streaming at the same time here in the near future, but overall I would highly recommend picking one up over the Noctua.