Anyone remember TA?

Hey, i'm kinda new to this forum.

Has anyone ever played Total Annihilation? My opinion is that it is one of the most fun, and still a fun strategy game. Some who know of Supreme Commander may know about Total Annihilation as it's "spiritual sucessor."

I think anyone who hasn't played Total Annihilation yet, should. It is fun, very fun. Now the game is pretty old, released 1997,but...for some reason, it still looks really good to me and it had some of the best graphics of it's time

So anyone who is a fan of real time strategy games or is interesting in trying it out should look to trying this game. BTW, there are patches as well as a thriving fan community with mods, one official patch that i know of that give Arm and Core like twenty or thirty extra units to mess around with.

yes i played it my freind had the original copy and i borrowed it and kept it then it got lost lol

yeh best game ever lol its the same as supreme commander

yeh i played it for hours i remember i played the lava map coz the bots would always juss build thousands of units and send them to the edge of the lava and they couldnt move coz it was the edge lol

and theere would be thousnds and i would get big bertha and blow them all up

I think i still have it, i need to start playing it again