Anyone playing God Eater 2 Rage Burst?

I am asking, because I have some worries about it.
I used to play Monster Hunter back in the day on the PSP, and people told me God Eater is similar series of games. So if someone is playing the game I'd like to ask a few questions:
1. Is the start as sssssllllloooooooooooowwww as Monster Hunter? I have played like 10 hours and had no progress what so ever.
2. Is it Japanese as [email protected]? I'm fine with Japanese games and so on, but some times they are overwhelming me with dialogue and drown me in text, explaining me a story, I don't care about...
3. Is it more story focused or more action oriented? And is the action any good? I mean the premise is more than fine. Giant monster attack, kill they ass. Why isn't this crazy famous series of games yet?
So that's it. I am thinking about buying the game on Steam, that will also give me God Eater Resurrection... Just waiting for nicw discount.
Thanks in advance.

I haven't played rage burst but I did play some GE back on PSP. I think the first 10-15 mins were dialogue but it was mostly world building and here is how things work.

  1. The action was ok you got two weapons sword thing and gun and you go on missions with NPC parties.

  2. Has an okayish story I didn't really get that far into it but I think its more of a directed story than monster hunter. I'd say it's a 50/50 split on action and story.

From what I remember the basic story is new cells are discovered called oracle cells looked like they could've been useful but turns out they were bad. For some reason, they eat all the things then make all the beasts and when you kill a beast if you don't nab its core the cells will just float away and reform some later date.

Which is why humanity has depleted and most zones are abandoned city like areas.

Reviews seem good for it and you should get some good gameplay in within the two-hour limit for a refund on steam.

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Well... I got the game...
It's very Japanese. Extremely Japanese. I mean in the first like 20 minutes I met 2 quirky characters and the straight man leader...
Otherwise how is this game failing to take over the world? I mean seriously, it's you and your team hitting huge monsters with a huge swords or hammers, that can turn into huge gun or a huge shield... And you can make it turn into a mouth that eats literally the enemies and absorbs their powers...
I am struggling with the battles, but that's the second game I play with 360 controller for the last... 10 years probably... So I blame my hamhandedness.
The only way I can see this going down is story wise. But we shall see. I don't really care about the story anyways. I'm here to smack monsters with giant sword after I have shot them with it and bite off their powers....

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