Anyone playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

I have to say. This is the first dragon ball Z game that exceeded my expectations, discounting the voice acting and the shitty translations. I haven't played any multiplayer, but I bet it's really fun to be able to train your own fighter to compete against other players. Just saying this game is worth a shot. Espacially if you're a DBZ fan.

Been wanting to take a look at that game. I've been wanting to play a third person fighter game for quite some time. What do you think of the gameplay mechanics and control scheme...good stuff?

Yeah, its a fine game. Has issues, but those can be overlooked at.

  • Going up and down seems to be a lot of issue.
  • You can't shoot downed enemies on the ground...
  • Power level balancing... you can beat Buu but you can't win easily against SS1 Vegeta and SS1 Trunks...
  • I find myself far too often stuck on ceiling, have to wait until someone hits me.
  • Not a lot of content for other races than sayian's.
  • Game is skipping many of my faviourity times,
    • ex. It jumps from 1st form freeza to the final... and I wanted to play with Riddle Scotts [fag - freaky alien genotype] alien...

Gameplay is a lot like the budokai tenkaichi series, with the controls altered a bit. I kind of like how they separated light hits and heavy hits, letting you mix them up. They set ki blasting on a button on it's own. They made transformations go back to how it was on Budokai 1-3. Where it slowly drains your ki and if you dont keep it charged you'l just revert back to normal.

The power level balancing can be worked on, and I find it hard to level myself with the side quests that are given. It's probably just me, though.

Overall I think it's worth trying. Its pretty much the game everyone's been asking for, and can exceede that if it gets polished a bit more with some updates.

Glad you brought up the going up and down. I can't say how many times that's ruined a combo for me, cause he either overshoots, or undershoots, a jump. I've never found myself stuck on the ceiling, though.

I did find this funny glitch where my companion started attacking me instead of the enemy, but was obviously doing no damage. While I was fighting buu clones, goku just kept following me around and punching air.

Good thing I picked sayian. I was gonna pick friezas race, in hopes of changinf forms, but i guess not.

To be fair, it was part of the story. But I was hoping I'd still get the option to fight all the in-between forms of frieza/cell.

One thing that bugged me is that the majin race male is always fat. I was hoping i'd get to make a super buu variant.

you know whats kinda Shocking to me is that they have an actual DBZ Game on PC,
i have been waiting for so long for a DBZ game on PC, i played it on a Family Xbox One it's pretty good,
the one thing i Notice the Most is the AI when you have an team member fighting an enemy it looks like they are dancing more then fighting but if the AI fights you then they go all out on you, overall i like it they are going in a Good Direction customization, plus it's DBZ :)