Anyone play Warframe? (free 2 play) [steam]

Looking for more people to play with! :)


It's a pretty great game for people that like killing hordes of enemies and leveling badass gear. It's multiplayer based, and there's a huge active community. There's also lots of guns, lots of classes (warframes), lots of different types of maps, lots of melee weapons, lots of skills, and lots of other stuff. The game features a really interesting leveling system, based on mods, that allows you to configure your frame to play in an infinite amount of ways (though certain frames do different things better).

As with all free to play games, there's in-game purchases you can make to improve your frame and weapons, but... Not only do you start off with some money, but you can basically improve or make anything in the game without all that much extra effort (not pay 2 win) if you don't buy anything. I'm relatively decent and haven't used any of my platinum.


Anyone wanna play?

i play a good deal of warframe, feel free to add me, same name as here

it's late and i don't feel like ranting, but the game is very much pay to win