Anyone on fire fall beta test

just  purchased a 7950 to crossfire with my current 7950, and it come with a download code for fire fall, it is pretty good for  a FPS, here is a link


That's not a link. THIS is a link!


Ah i see you've played knifey spoony before then!!!

Im on the beta.

it is good game, almost if they made starship trooper into a game.

Its basically the art style of Borderlands(sort of), But story wise it's as if we had an apocalypse and everything did not go to shit like fallout but instead we continue and advance life with a mineral from an asteroid called crytialite. It's basically the best energy source ever. We advance science so far that we eventually try the first light speed jump through space, but while we opened the whole into slipspace instead of us going in something came out. The Choosen. A giant purple like gas substance covers the world except basically Brazil because the ship that was to jump through space crashed there. No one knows why. Also the choosen basically don't like people and try to destroy us but we are like:

And fight off teh aliens. But everyday more and more advance and we are slowly losing. You character I believe is one the surviving crew members aboard the ship and are sent to discover why everything has happen like it has. Great game though Solo or with a team.


What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you even lift?  What the.  EDIT: Oh, Thanks

Yeah, I started the Firefall beta when they opened them up.  I stopped playing for a while because it was so terribly optimized, noone ran at more than 10fps haha.  I came back and played, but then I just got bored.