Anyone looking for a Battlefield buddy?

my username on Origin is Mafisometal, i'm always looking for some peeps to play with.  I'm not that great but i'm getting much smoother, i'm an RTS guy but lately a bit sick of the starcraft community, getting crazy when you compete in diamond leagues and koreans are just destroying you 2 minutes before you're even ready.  I started to play battlefield so i would love to have some buddies to team up with.

If you are talking about bf4 then sure,

add me on origin: "Egnappah"

Or anyone from the TEK for that matter.

I sent you both a request. For anyone else you can add me, it's my forum name. I definitely would like to play battlefield with some TEK regulars. We should start a server when the game is officially launched?

Here's my Battlelog.  I made a new one for BF4.  I have BF3 as well, so if you wanna play that, I'm down for that too.  I only have the Back to Karkand and End Game DLCs for BF3.