Anyone looking at Mars: War Logs?

I recently came across this game while I was looking for an update on Cyberpunk. Anyone played or have any thoughts on this game? 

I recently saw it as well. Added it to my wishlist to download if it comes on sale or if a good detailed review comes out that convinces me to buy it. Looks pretty interesting.

I've played about 2 hours into the game and this far i have yet to find somthing that bothers me, though i could get back to you when i've played it some more. Let's just say that i have not yet got out of the prison camp in the start to explore the rpg elements. The fighting itself feel a lot like the fighting in The Witcher 2: assassins of kings, witch i see as a plus. The skilltree seems pretty narrow with only 3 paths to follow magic, stealth and melee. Lip sync and parts of the dialogs is terrible but some parts of it is also exelent. 

Do not take this as a review im just saying what i see out of my first 2 hours of the game.

It sounds fairly interesting and its on my wishlist.  I'd at least like to give it a try come a steam sale.