Anyone listen to Electronica?

I need some like chill ass beats to get blazed as fuck and listen to.

I usually listen to stuff like Benny Benassi and Daft Punk-ish stuff..

They are getting fairly stale.



Eiffel 65. They aren't just good for that IM BLOO DA BA DI song...

just watch some tool music videos. you'll trip the fuck out when ur high.

heres my fav

I said electronica for a reason...

I need some tight ass beats.

Plus, I fucking hate tool. lol

EDIT: and yeah dont get me wrong, Daft Punk is bad ass, Saw them live in LA on the ALIVE tour last year

Shit was cash

But honestly 4 years of the same cds gets old...

Yeah the remixes are sick as fuck

But I want more....

>Plus, I fucking hate tool.


Yup a little :/ most of the classics are on youtube, there just short bits like

theres fuck loads more....

Tool is lame, The singer makes me want to stab my face.

ICP licks my fucking asshole.

lol about icp... they are all show.

as for tool, I never got into them. I really like perfect circle though.

this is a close as I can get to electronica... and I don't really listen to this cd much.

lol its kind of... weird

Hella trippy though

I need some TIGHT beatz like this.

I can find some good electronica gimme about a day...

>lol about icp... they are all show.

That may be true but their one of the only rap groups I can listen to because they don't always talk about sex, drugs, and money. Instead they come up with fun and funny lyrics which I enjoy, and occasionally the serious song every now and then.

Flobots and Hollywood Undead are the only rap/close to rap I listen to.

the cool kids got some epic beats, try to find some instrumentals because they're lyrically challenged. (or so my friend likes to put it as lolol)

Electronica ain't my forte but here you go.


ever heard of aphex twin? its like drums and bass + electronica, but its all kinda distorted like justice, but not as much as justice distorts their stuff. check him out and heres a good song by him

and this one too

DAFT PUNK FTW, also, check out Angerfist, they are hardcore

oh bodyrox without the lyrics