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Anyone know of any wood cases?

I’ve been looking to build a high power ITX PC and have been looking for a case for it. I like the wood, metal and glass PC case look. I really like these cases

but they aren’t big enough for the new RTX3080s coming out. Does anyone know of and sandwich ITX cases that look like wood, or have wooden accents?

I have not seen wood cases since the custom case scene ended around the mid 2000s. Something to do with wood being a fire hazard tended to be what I heard of why no Major case manufacturer makes them. The occasional veneer yes, but full wooden case. no.

There is the Volta V

Really nice, really expensive.

Looks like it is about to become incredibly rare too.

Wendell has been talking about the Fractal ERA a but too, metal and wood top. Looks nice.

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Wood cases are terribly loud usually without good sound dampening all over the insides. FYI

I make my own. Wood and even carton (Ikea)

My NAS lives in Kallaxy bookcase :slight_smile:
Wood is also good for mounting on a wall.

That said wood resonates and you gotta think about that before you try to save money.

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking full solid wood, I was thinking more like aluminum with a wooden veneer on some of the panels. I like the Fractal ERA ITX as well but the thermal/airflow is too poor for me.

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Holy shit! that looks nice but way to expensive for me. I wasn’t even thinking solid wood but I do like the look.

I also really liked the Fractal ERA that Wendell reviewed but the thermals/airflow was too poor for me to get.

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Yeah, I was thinking more like an aluminum frame with wood veneer on one or two of the side panels. Similar too the cases I linked or the fractal ERA that other people have mentioned. I imagine that all solid wood would turn the inside of the case into a guitar acoustically speaking lol

I was hoping to stay away from an ALL wood case, as I don’t like the look of them.

But, speaking of making your own. I am starting to think I may have to design my own or heavily mod a existing sandwich ITX case.

I have no idea if System76 buys these or builds them. I have no idea if you can buy one from them. But I think their cases are great.

The benefit of wood is that you DIY the design. For mATX or ITX it is easy to integrate into walls, tables or shelves.

Otherwise plexi and metal sheeting is cheaper and easier.