Anyone know anything about hip hop? :v

Ive been making music for a while, I thought it was time to share ^.^

Any criticism? Should I give up? Keep going? What am I good at, what am I shit at?


No offense, like at all, but it sounds like you don't speak English as your 1st Lang so I would totally love to hear it in your native language :P

I dont have a native language, it sucks XD

Im polish, but because I moved here when I was 8, (UK) I have an accent in both languages.

its even worse when I tried making music in polish, at least I pronounce most words in English correctly ableit a bit weird ;)

hmmmm..... Well I like the instrumentals either way.

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Hehe, so the part I didnt make :v Anyway thanchu for taking the time to listen <3

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I agree with Aremis. Good flow, but I think it would sound 1000x in polish even with your accent.

As a native english speaker, you should slur your words like an american. It'll make it flow a lot better.

I cant actually speak Polish properly. I lack the oral dexterity to pronounce SZ CZ Z RZ properly :(

practice :DDD


Yeah thats what Im doing ;))))))

I dig it so far, my only critique I can offer is that the first track you sounded a bit tight and awkward like you did not warm up before recording. In the second you sound more relaxed and in the groove.

Sounds like you pulled the music tracks from vinyl, I like it.

Have you listened to RJD2?

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Only fools would do to English what Americans do

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I love RJD2

really interesting... cause I recorded the second track before the first, Ive been recording all evening (unless the tracks show up in a different order for you, I recorded Spherical then Nostaligia.)

Im writing the third one and last one for the evening rigth now, under a very different beat.

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Yeah, I listened to Spherical first.

Be sure to post the third when you are done. Try to run through the lyrics a few times before you cut the final vocal track, get in the groove because that "Accidental Poet" track oozes 'smooth'.

I record every song 5 - 10 times before I get it "good enough"

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When you write, use a similar amount of syllables in each line... you're essentially trying to force extra syllables into a beat that only has so many measures... it's making you uncomfortable on the beat since you have to rush through so many syllables every line

Some good reads:

A good rule of thumb is if you can't speak a line out loud to the beat without the end-rhyme being forced, it'll be hard to rap it...

Just for laughs... here's a couple I made like 15 years ago...

Im following a trend in polish rap of NOT using uniform sillable schemes but its hard :D thank you for the links <3

the rhyme scheme one is just in general a good read... i mean you can form whatever scheme you want and it doesn't have to be "uniform"... but regardless of how disjointed of a rhyme scheme you want to use, it needs some form of continuity or it doesn't sound right :P

My basis has always been to use as much rhyme as I possibly can without degrading the storyline... because the bottom line of a hip-hop listener is they'll get disinterested if it doesn't "sound good".... and then all that work went to waste as they'll never actually listen to the words of it

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I like that third one a LOT better... still some stumbling in the delivery a bit but it's just some awkward pauses that need to be ironed out... that and some minor enunciation issues... I dig the style... just need a little work on delivery and try not to crowd your lines into the measures...

the measures should dictate the syllable count and you could be a little more fluid... that's all... do like the 3rd one though :)

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