Anyone know about Alabama's position on net neutrality?

I'm in north Alabama and I'm curious if anybody knows how Alabamas legislature is reacting to the net neutrality debate. Is there anyone in particular that Alabamians should be emailing/pestering about this?

Oh man not sure, I go to auburn (War Eagle) but I'm originally from California. Just got a job in Birmingham for when I graduate so i guess I need to start looking into local politics. ugh. For real though thanks for the reminder! I would also really like to know.


In the digging I did briefly this afternoon, it seems Mo Brooks is against net neutrality. But he may be misunderstanding the concept of it, many people seem parents know him so I might write him a letter about it...anybody have suggestions?

I'm in the opposite situation of Ejw0012. I lived in Birmingham during college and Mobile during High School, but I'm in Texas now. Alabama is a roughly god-fearing, conservative state. For the general populace, most are indifferent to net neutrality afaik, but politicians are against it. 

Youre right that we are pretty conservative. Usually I'm okay with our political decisions, but I don't think the politicians understand what they're saying (wow, imagine that, politicians not knowing something?)

Ya from the few news stories I overhear it seems like the legislature is pretty corrupt (no different than most places) but I truly have enjoyed the people I have met & befriended.