Anyone interested in Cryptography?

I'm interested in how well this community does in these challenges. The first one to solve it gets a free ticket to GrrCON, a hacking convention in Michigan and they'll keep adding more as they're solved. I gained a large amount of headway myself with a buddy of mine on the second one, but was stumped at a point further ahead.

Challenges are located here. Hint on getting started on both of them: After you click the link for the challenge, search the page source.

Quick edit: I should point out that I already have tickets for the event. I have no interest in the prize at the end and I also have no stake in the event either, I just want to see if any of you guys would be interested.

Double Edit: I can help with the second challenge, or with getting to the image that is the first challenge if anyone wishes. I want to see these solved for fun. We could turn it into a community thing.