Anyone in Sydney Australia Need a new 'workstation'/desk? - often have a lot of second hand server gear too

I managed to pick up a 6000 (aud) 2 person workstation with a footprint of 1800mm X 3450mm with partitions and 2 x steel roller draws included for 100 Aud - plus what it cost me to pick it up... this is 1 half of the desk:

(PS: a lot has changed in that setup (i had literally just placed everything on the desk to continue working until i had more time....)
HOWEVER long story short, if you need a desk, keep your eye on:

EDIT NB that the buyers premium is not accounted for in the posting price (not like ebay), and that with shipping there is often a premium price...... Just thought i should add this in case it was missed... i tend to grab auction only items and 'pick-up' for this reason.... sometimes it is just a rip to get certain things shipped....AND make sure you read the descriptions, as some items can be damaged (like some monitors with dead pixels etc) so just make sure you know what you are bidding for, and once you have clicked the bid on item button the next page should list all the included costs..... just make sure you read that otherwise you may find yourself paying $200 for shipping on a 90 item lol (sometimes still cheaper than what you would pay for it in store....)

there are some on there now in Sydney (and they often have stuff in other cities too) along with second hand servers/switches/routers etc..... i picked up a server rack for 20 bucks (10USD) too

Should also mention, go to the last page after clicking on the link - thats where the desks/chairs are... also have monitors/audio equipment (insurance claims/overstocks/closing down etc.) not much on at the moment in that regard but check periodically often have hundreds....

Thanks for the link, some cheap stuff on there.

yes, often get some decent deals if you hunt. got a few old servers/switches/monitors etc off there
just never wanted to post anywhere because increase in competition ahaha :P