Anyone in here like Breaking Bad?

Any thoughts on what is going to happen to Walter now that Hank knows?

i only came across it a few months back and have since watched it all, cant wait for the last 8 as to where its going to go who knows thats half the fun, twist upon turn upon twist go heizenberg!!

Ya hear that? It's the winds of shit. Without Ermantrout (butchered that probably) Walter is screwed. I think he might try and kill Hank. But Walter always has there crazy plans that end up working, I wouldn't be suprized if the last scene was Walter on a beach somewhere with his family. But then again AMC might try and send a message to the sheeple and have Walter rot in jail and have his family abandon him for his crimes. I'd like to see the drug dealer/murderer make it out on top for once. 

I very much enjoyed it. This was one of the shows i actually liked on TV, but i watched it on netflix.

Oh man, I just remembered that Mike is dead. I don't even know now. All this time Hank has been looking for Heisenberg and now he has him. Well, wait. hank does not 100% know much of anything as of now. Walter I think will just come up with some bullshit excuse for having that signature. I know Hank will be on his tail though *if he does not find out find out everything". I swear if Walter goes ot jail I will be so pissed. That would be a horrible ending to this 10/10 show. 
I just thought  of something...Walter will go to jail for the rest of his life, okay? THEN WALTER JR WILL TAKE WALTER PLACE AND MAKE METH.  

What latest season does Netflix have?

some people havn't seen it. maybe make the text in the "spoiler font"

I canceled my sub cause i didn't have the money but i know it went up to season4 (including 4) and maybe more....

I love breaking bad.  I am happy for it coming back soon but sad that it has to end

Oh man, I did not know I could do that. Thanks though!

Well, I think they have like12 more EP's. I have other shows that are almost as great if you need something to watch.

Im gonna take it up, not long ago i've heard season 1 is something ppl should see !

only season 4 thus far. Hopefully they'll get the first half of season 5 a few weeks before the final part of season 5 (and the seires) starts on AMC.


Either way I can hardly wait to see what happens.

I feel like there's going to be some sort of manhunt for Walter and Jesse and end with a massive shoot out, or maybe Hank will make a bargain with Walter because he's still his brother in-law.

 Really excited to see how it's going to end. One of my top favorite shows alongside Game of Thrones.

I liked the way how it started, but I honestly think that the writers ruined a couple of seasons, by merely giving them great endings and mediocre flow. Sure, the actors were great, but a lot of time was spent dragging the show to reach the 40min mark for an episode.

From what I've observed, Season 5 is the most brilliant piece of the show, aside from Skyler's bitching and moaning about everything. It is understandable, but it's vastly annoying.

Can't wait to see how it ends, August and September are reserved for Breaking Bad.

Oh so I am in New Zealand and am not up to the latest thanks for the spoiler warning..........

I'm torn on this show.

On the one hand, it is well written and entertaining.

On the other I don't really like any kind of program that could be seen to 'glorify' in any way drug production/running. I'm a pretty liberal dude, but after working in pharmacies for a few years and dealing with more smurfs and addicts than I care to count (even being robbed by an addict with a blood filled needle at one point - investigation revealed it contained Hepatitis C infected blood), I am not all that keen to see that kind of thing on television.

I'm sure loving this series. I've been following it ever since season 2 when I discovered it. I'm way too excited to see how the final 8 episodes are going to pan out. 

Liked it enough to watch it and rewatch two times.