Anyone here with a pinephone?

Anyone with a pinephone or other linux phone? Whats the experience so far?

I’m getting interested in alternates to Android and Apple and so my interest with Linux phones is peaking.

I wish System76 would see this as an opportunity for massive growth and vest some of their hardware acquisition talent and sources + devs to jump into this game. Imagine the Linux phone movement not through a hodge podge of ‘when I have spare time’ or kickstarter types, but something with the capital, experience and staffing of system76.


I own a PinePhone and from my experience so far it will not replace your daily driver, but it’s close, really close. Texting works reliably on Manjaro Posh, and all it needs is reliable calling for me to switch over, but Pine64 has sold a ton of phones and the distros have been getting fixes and new features at warp speed, so I feel like I’m less than 3 months away from me personally daily it.

We have a few PinePhone owners here, and you can read their opinions here.

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