Anyone here using Blender for video editing in Fedora 22?

I'm using Blender for all of my video editing now (I've finally broken free from Premiere Pro and all of Adobe Suite for that matter!) and I really love it. The problem is in order for me to use it effectively I have to stay in windows so I can import my .mp4 files. I'm currently running Korora 22 (which is built on Fedora 22) for my Linux OS and want to do my editing there so I truly only use Windows for Games (hoping that change comes soon too with the push to Linux in gaming).

I initially thought this was a codec issue so I installed a bunch of codecs and tried them to no avail, I still can't bring any of my video files into Blender. I think it is a Blender problem but I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas?

I have no idea what I'm doing in blender, but I seem to be able to open mp4 fine in the movie-clip editor / video sequence view mode in my Arch install. I notice I have the packages l-smash and libmp4v2 installed. Idk if that helps.

Not sure exactly what blended requires, but make sure you have ffmpeg and related codec's installed from rpmfusion repos.

Yeah I've got ffmpeg installed which is kind of why I'm confused, I tried to convert the file to a few different formats .avi .ogg to name a few. Tired them to no avail. I can play all of these without any issue I just can't seem to get them into Blender. I've never had issues in Ubuntu or Linux Mint and I have a feeling this has to do with the stance Fedora takes toward the GNU Public License but there are usually fixes to work around the Fedora policies (like RPM fusion).

I'm trying to avoid Arch, not intimidated by it just the last time I installed it I wasted soooo much time tweaking things, It's better for me not to compile my OS because I just get carried away and usually end up breaking my system at some point :p To be fair though, my favorite OS at the moment is FreeBSD but there is just a huge lack of software for it so I can't justify its use much.

Oh, I didn't mean install Arch, I just meant search for whether those libraries exist for Fedora and if they actually do anything to solve your issue.

Fedora's policies around stuff like this is why I'm using Arch. lol Actually, I've been really interested in something like OpenSUSE leap ( I need to stay on somewhat bleeding edge) but last time I tried OpenSUSE I ran into issues with installing Bumblebee (intel/nvidia hybrid laptop graphics) so I'm worried about that still and OpenSUSE as far as I saw was a pain in setting up proprietary codecs as well... I don't like having to add tons of third party repos.

lol okay gotcha, I'll check them out tomorrow probably, I've given up for the night for some video games.

I've used OpenSUSE before too, I've never liked YaST very much for package management. I used OpenSUSE years ago though when I didn't know the difference between a desktop GUI and the actual Operating System, might give that another try here sometime :p.

Normally I am with OpenSUSE and Fedora and their choices regarding GNU which is why I'll deal with the headache for a while if it pays off in the end. I'm not against proprietary software really, I just like knowing what is there because I put it there :p

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Well I got libmp4v2 installed but l-smash doesn't seem to be in the repositories or in any .rpm or .tar files >.< I'm sure that Blender works because it was in the dnf repositories so why wouldn't it?

Download blender from the blender site, extract it and run and see if that version works.

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Yeah!!! Good call Eden, I can import my files now! Just have to recompile it for updates now but I can live with that :p

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