Anyone here use PCSX2 with a 3570K?

Hey everyone, my friend wants a machine that can emulate PS2 at full speed, currently he has a A10-5800K overclocked to 4Ghz, it runs Final Fantasy X ok but if there is a lot of animation going on like when the monster in the very beginning of the game uses Demi the emulator slows to a crawl while the spell is cast.

I have a 8350 in my system and I can run Final Fantasy X at full speed but most of the other games I have tried have slowdowns like God of War 2, Zone of the Enders, and Orphen.  All of the mentioned games run at about 30-45FPS making them unplayable for my taste

So if anyone has a 3570K and plays PCSX2 with it I would like to know how it runs and what games you have tried with it.


I'm running a 2500k @ 4.5GHz, but I haven't done PS2 emulation in a while. PS2 emulation isn't perfect, and some games can really be hit or miss. About the only games I ever really bothered with is Gran Turismo 3 and 4, which were very smooth, but it was also smooth on my Athlon II x4 630. Even certain games with N64 can slow crawl sometimes (Gauntlet Legends). About the only thing I can suggest is look online, especially on forums (PCSX2) for optimization guides or try some different games.

Also, the GPU can play a factor as well.

grab the latest SVN, and turn on MTVU it uses more than 3 cores

make sure he's using the highest GSDX which is either SSSE3 or SSE4, don't worry about it too much if you can't use SSE4

make sure you are using the defualt super VUs and turn on FFX game fixes as well as the "reccommended" speed hacks

I would rather not make an account on the PCSX2 forums just for one post, I have a Radeon 6970 so I don't think it is a GPU issue.

MTVU also may help even with just a dual core, I get 50/50FPS out of a PAL version of Persona 4 on a Athlon II x2 at 3Ghz with a X1550 GPU, unless the scene is really heavy, I suspect my GPU maybe bottlenecking at times

I'm fairly certain with MTVU and correct settings you could max out any game out there

and I'm fairly certain the microsoft Surface Pro can play PCSX2 as well at full speed at native graphics

on both my PC and my friends I turned on MTVU and am using the SSE4.1 plugin, we have automatic game fixes enabled.

my friend was using the latest SVN while I have 1.0.0 on mine, I might try the SVN on my PC, I even opened task manager and set it so PCSX2 could only acces cores 0, 2, 4, and 6, I was thinking PCSX2 must just not like the FX CPUs

used pcsx2 on my i7 920 and it works fine. even managed to get gt4 working off an original disk.

getting the rite bios for your version of the game seems to be the tough part. if your in the e.u then you gotta use e.u restricted games. 

if you have region locked your dvd write than that dictates what bios you use. 

system it ran on, i7 920/hd 5870/6gig 1333 ram.

ran games like gt4, gt3, with some effort and special configs.

 gta 3,vice city /san andreas. straight away with little effort.


hrm I think the problem is the FX (which trinity is based off of) has retardedly high latency which doesn't matter much for games, because all they have to do is process

PCSX2 has to do JIT which process the data into a processable form then processes it, that latency really affects it negativly, so almost any other genneration of CPU will work except FX based chips, you can off set this by Overclocking even more

I have the 3770k oc'd to 4.4 So far everything is very playable, including God of War 2. I had one slowdown in that game only. Running 4x internal so that could have contributed to that one slowdown. Just make sure to have hacks enabled in GSDX. Offset hack is necessary in God of War 2 if you're not running native resolution. 

That makes sense, I didn't know the FX chips had a high latency.  I'll tell my friend we should do a 3570K build if he wants to play PS2